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MUSIC CARE CONVERSATION CARDS provide an opportunity to engage with ourselves and one another, using musical associations to support our own self-care and those with whom we are working. One goal of self-care is to develop a deeper relationship with ourselves, to learn to clearly recognize our own needs and see the value of prioritizing them.

Because music is cross coded into the events of our lives, it becomes an important part of our narrative. Talking about and reflecting on music may help to ground us, soothe us and reconnect us to ourselves, giving us the time and space, we need to feel whole again. Through pictures, questions, ideas and strategies, these cards can help you and those your work with, structure a self-care regime.

Each card has a theme; the theme of the card is highlighted at the top and a music care tip, quote or fact is given at the bottom. The blue relates to the emotional domain, the green, to the physical, brown to the spiritual, red to the social and purple to the cognitive. A picture is on the right side which represents a theme. The picture may be used by itself or as a prompt for self-reflection or with a care recipient. The left side provides a brief definition of the theme and ideas, strategies and questions to reflect upon. Some of the questions are open-ended discussion ideas, and others are more structured. The cards have been bound together for easy use and storage.

MUSIC CARE CONVERSATION CARDS can be used as self-care for the caregiver but also to share with those we are caring for, to inspire reflection and music related strategies for taking good care of ourselves, no matter where we are on life’s journey.


  • To address your own self-care needs
  • To share self-care strategies with your care recipient
  • To get to know an older adult in your care setting
  • As an intergenerational activity with your family or school program
  • As part of a volunteer kit for a program for older adults
  • For day-to-day activities with older adults