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Includes all three sets of MUSIC CARE CONVERSATION CARDS – Life Review | Older Adults | Dance

Life Review
This set of cards is designed specifically for using with people at the end of life, by people who are both skilled caregivers and close loved ones of the dying person. It is also designed to support bereaved people after the death.
MUSIC CARE CONVERSATION CARDS can be used as a tool for reminiscence, life review, and possible legacy creation.

Older Adults
This set of cards is designed specifically to engage with one another using musical associations with the intent of supporting relational care. Talking about music may reconnect us to the people, places, events and feelings in our lives. Through pictures, questions, and listening to songs together, conversation cards help to share memories, ideas, feelings and stories.

This set of cards is designed specifically for evoking dance memories, and encouraging dancing together. Music and dance go hand-in-hand. Sometimes the deepest memory that music can evoke for us is the body-memory of movement.