MUSIC CARE CONVERSATION CARDS provide an opportunity to engage with one another using musical associations with the intent of supporting relational care. Because music is cross-coded into the events of our lives it becomes an important part of our narrative. Talking about music may reconnect us to the people, places, events and feelings in our lives.  Through pictures, questions, and listening to songs together, conversation cards help to share memories, ideas, feelings and stories.

MUSIC CARE CONVERSATION CARDS are a collection of pictures and questions that catalyze memories and conversations about music in our lives. 25 themed laminated cards are spiral bound in a flexible book. Conversation cards are meant for 1:1 musical visits where care partners can talk about music together. Each theme card has two facing sides. A picture is on the right side which represents a theme. The picture may be used by itself as a prompt for engagement.  The left side has questions that provide conversation starters. Some of the questions are open-ended discussion ideas, and others are more structured. The theme of the card is highlighted at the top and a music care tip is given at the bottom. Themes are suitable for sharing with older adults.

• To get to know an older adult in your care
• As part of an intake assessment for a long term, continuing care or day program
• As an intergenerational activity with your family or school program
• As part of a volunteer kit for a program
• For day-to-day activities