Many people know that music can be a meaningful way to connect, but they don’t know where to begin. MUSIC CARE CONVERSATION CARDS provide that jumping-off point you may be looking for, for having meaningful connections through music. This set of cards is designed specifically for using with people at the end of life, by people who are both skilled caregivers and close loved ones of the dying person. It is also designed to support bereaved people after the death.

Conversation cards can be used as a tool for reminiscence, life review, and possible legacy creation. Each card has a theme with a picture and some questions.  These cards can be used to strike up conversations with a dying person about their life, to broach the subject of challenging relationships and unfinished business, to address funeral planning and remembrance, and to find comfort and meaning in listening to music, together. The cards can also be used as a prompter for more structured legacy work, such as playlists for loved ones, or memorial CDs.


  • As a hospice, long term care or palliative care worker, to get to know a person you are providing care for
  • As an activity with a loved one at end of life
  • As a conversation starter with family members and friends who are gathered to support someone at the end of life
  • As part of a volunteer kit for a hospice or palliative care program
  • As part of a legacy program or life review activity
  • As a way of remembering someone who has died and finding support and comfort through grief