What is Pathways?

Pathways is a singing program that enhances the quality of life and care for people living with dementia.
Pathways is comprised of three components: a video series of 13 30-minute episodes led by an expert singing host; activity booklets with 325 accompanying activation ideas; online training comprised of six short tutorials. There is a bonus audio CD for each episode including the Pathways theme song, breathing music, instrumental and vocal tracks of each song in that specific episode. Participants are invited into a singing experience that is non-threatening, warm and respectful. Pathways is a ready-to-use music care resource that can be facilitated by singers or non-singers. Pathways may be used in various settings like long term care, retirement homes, complex continuing care, hospitals, day programs, Alzheimer support groups, hospices, and private homes.  A short sampler from the Europe Collection is available for viewing.





Inspirations Collection – Beauty of the World, Uplifting, Love, Hymns & Spirituals

Journeys Collection – United Kingdom, North America, Europe, Caribbean, French Canada

Seasons Collection – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


Some benefits of Pathways

  • Ready to use
  • No musical expertise required
  • Led by an expert singing host
  • Hundreds of hours of repeatable, interactive programming
  • Flexible program delivery
  • Captivating and colourful images
  • Multi-sensory appeal
  • Closed captioning option
  • Evokes memories
  • Sparks conversations
  • Engages people in music-making
  • Reduces isolation
  • Improves mood and engagement

What people are saying about Pathways


  • They want to do Pathways again and again and that is welcome news for an activity aide.
  • If it wasn’t for Pathways, they may never have had the conversations.
  • Everything is here to do our job.
  • Pathways makes them laugh and smile, brings back old memories and makes new memories. It’s very positive.
  • Anybody can do it. If music isn’t your forte, Pathways makes you feel very comfortable.
  • Every time, it’s been a success! Residents are singing, tapping their toes, engaging in conversation, clapping with Briar.
  • Singing together is different from talking together because it involves our imagination and our emotions and what we do with our bodies – tapping our feet, clapping our hands, moving.
  • I love that it is ready to go. It’s animated. It’s engaging. It’s moving and not dull.


  • Whenever I sing, I live the words. I like all of it. I like music period. It brings back memories.
  • I like this program. It’s entertaining. It’s good for the mind. For the brain.
  • I like the pieces that I know. I love singing. I sang in quartets. Music brings me back quite quickly. I’m glad they started this.
  • I like it all. I feel better. Have fun. Enjoy myself. I laugh and carry on. You know what I mean?
  • I’m not a real singer, but love it with this group. Everybody is having a ball. We get up dancing and singing – it’s a nice change. It’s enjoyable.
  • I just like it, whether it’s morning, noon or night

Care Partners

  • I learned things about mom that I didn’t know before because it brings back memories.
  • The effect is that we feel closer. We enjoy each other’s company. It allows for natural expression of affection.
  • It’s been relaxing and inviting. Briar draws you in easily and gently. It’s a sweet experience.

Ordering Pathways

To order the Pathways complete kit or a Pathways collection, visit our Store.



Pathways downloadable brochure

Download the Pathways brochure here

Pathways BETA test report

In 2015, the Pathways Singing Program was BETA tested in 30 dementia care facilities or programs in Ontario with excellent results. The results of the BETA test are published and can be downloaded.

Why music works in dementia care - annotated bibliography

Find out why music is an effective intervention for persons living with dementia by downloading this annotated bibliography of some of the current research literature.

Pathways in the news

To see how Pathways is impacting quality of life and quality of care, check out our Media Page


This Pathways sampler will demonstrate a
6 minute portion of the Europe episode.
Pathways Europe video sampler
An abridged version of the accompanying activity pages for Europe can be viewed here. Pathways Europe episode activity booklet sampler
Download a sample to try Pathways Beauty of the World video